Noah hasn't napped in two days. Two fucking days, people.

Yesterday, he had his food and whatever, we put him down for his nap, and it never happened. He came back downstairs after being in his room for two hours, ate some more food, and was fine til he went to bed.

I know, at least he wasn't whiny, right? Well screw that, it makes MEEEE WHINNNYYYY.

And then he did the same thing again today. Food, no nap, more food. "I am super non nap child, hear me rawr, watch me EAT!"

And yet somehow, he was fine til he went to bed. We haven't heard from him since we put him in there.*

He might be ready to give up the nap, but screw that shit, I'm not ready to give up my my 2 hours of slight sanity. Yup, screw that.

*And of course, I have checked to see that he's actually still in there, and not escaped out the bedroom window like he has tried to do in the past.
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6 Responses
  1. mommaruth Says:

    Oh goodness! Sidney is still a 1-3 hour napper. I never even thought of the idea that she'd stop napping. LIKE EVER. She's just going to nap forever. Yep yep. Good luck with the little man - maybe it's just a phase? Or is that wishful thinking?

  2. Kelly Says:

    any cold meds on board?

    your blog cracks me up...esp. when you do "noah's voice": I am super non nap child, hear me rawr, watch me EAT!"

  3. Bushra Says:

    the boy has stopped napping at nursery, but he's two. very handy as he's dozing off consistently and gives me a chance to er, work out in the mornings. yes, i hate myself too.

  4. Jen Says:

    He's been napping for 2 hours up til now? Think yourself lucky chick - James has only been having a 45 min nap since July, he's never slept for more than 90mins in one go during the day, and he's only been sleeping through the night for 2 weeks! (When I say sleeping through, I mean he only gets me up once or twice. I've NEVER had a night he doesn't wake me - and yes, he's almost 17 months old...)
    Sleep deprivation rocks. Remind me why I'm having another baby?

  5. Jen Says:

    Oh the end of the naptime. It is THE WORST worst WORST. Hang in there. And hold tight to "quiet time" for as long as you can!

  6. Yes the joy of no napping , my boy (just 13 months) is a very uneven napper. Some days (like yesterday) he had maybe 2 or 3 short (as in 5 minute) catnaps and other days will take a good 2 hours but thats rare. He is mostly a 30 minute napper, drives me crazy . Yes he also wakes during the night to