(Popping eight teeth at the same time. 4 premolars, 4 canines. God in heaven help us.)

(He was watching "Cars".)

(Yes, on his own.)

(That bottom lip is gonna kill me one day.)

2 Responses
  1. Jackie Says:

    Oh I love the lip! Brennon just started doing that a couple weeks ago. It's so cute, but at the same time it breaks your heart!

    (I sit B in front of the tv to watch by himself sometimes too =0)

  2. aussiechic Says:

    Oh he is just gorgeous - what a smile!!!! And the boobs being sore - honey I hear ya.....awful - had to give up breast feeding and pump instead....at least the pump was easier on the nipples and bub still got my breastmilk - which was really important to me....thankfully my guy did not care how he got the milk - as long as he got it - and he latched onto the bottle and sucked it dry.....instead of me.....and my boobs got a break!!! And he got the milk!!! Good all round.......