In the UK, right now, there is a Swine Flu pandemic. Everyone is crapping themselves about it. The NHS released a new fandangled website today to see if you have it; check the list of symptoms and discover if you'll be oinking for a few days. Nice how, since it came online, the service has been "too busy" to actually work. FAIL.

And whilst sitting here on my very poorly behind (my hips and pelvis are STILL hurting a LOT), it suddenly occurred to me that the signs and symptoms I had read up, sounded very familiar.

headache - check.
tiredness - check.
chills - not so much.
aching muscles - check.
limb or joint pain - check.
diarrhoea or stomach upset - nope.
sore throat - check.
runny nose - check.
sneezing - check.
loss of appetite - check.

So I thought, 'hmmm...that can't be good...' and then realised that Noah was also showing many of the same symptoms (he's been a regular roller coaster of fun these last few days). So I have decided, much to my amusement, that we have swine flu. I've been checking that website all day, and am yet to be able to do the fancy crap whatever-it-is they're advertising (some kind of antibiotic which I should probably pay attention to). Although Noah, whilst suffering another bout of Facial Orifice Fluid, now seems to be reverting to his crazy chirpy mad-kid self.

Amazingly, Isaac seems to be the only one who is still non piggy-like, although, he uh, sneezes a lot lately (clutching at straws) so I'm willing to say that somehow, by the power of Boob Juice, he doesn't have it (like how he didn't catch chicken pox while Noah caught it TWICE. Yes. TWICE).

Meh, it's ok. My kids are too cool and too cute for the likes of swine flu.
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  1. mommaruth Says:

    I can't get over how BIG baby boy #2 is!!! He came into this world larger than life & he still is :) You truly do have two of the cutest little boys I've ever seen! I'm sorry ya'll are dealing with piggy flu - here's to hoping you have a speedy recovery!

    (& thanks for the blog linksy!)

  2. mommaruth Says:
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  3. Jackie Says:

    LOVE the sunglasses!

    Hope you're feeling better by now =/