It's Christmas eve tomorrow, Noah's Nana will be spending the day (open some presents), then it's Christmas day (Noah's first xmas and open some more presents) and then it's Boxing day round the Grandparents (open even more presents).

I get to dress Noah in his smart blue knitted jumper and jeans tomorrow, his Santa all-in-one on Xmas day and his smart stripey shirt, red jumper and brown cords on Friday. He's a dude.

This week I'm cooking:

Christmas Eve
Roasted Ham & Garden Vegetables
Port & Vanilla Pears

Christmas Day
Crab with Mango Salsa
Roast Duck & Seasonal Vegetables
Christmas Pudding

I have all presents bought and nearly all wrapped up (some can wait, I'll take my time...). All Christmas cards written and mailed.

One of the greatest things in the last three years (in relation to work) happened yesterday: my p45 arrived.

I'm free, skint, got a kid with a serious amount of snot, I can barely poop (up the fibresure dosage), house is a tip, second kid on the way, have some big choices to make...and yet I'm still kinda happy.

Not sure I'll see you before, so have a great Christmas!!!