Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 23+1 day
Month: 6
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 21 weeks
Heartbeat: 149 bpm
Time to Go: 119 days
Size: The Christmas Ham?

Christmas Eve - DONE. Christmas day and Boxing day to go.

Feeling very smug with myself after today. I reflected upon my Christmas Menu for today, and quietly shat my pants (which is actually a possibility now, thanks fibresure!) at extravagance of the menu, and the ham which was roughly the same size as Noah (can't decide between Noah 'then', or Noah 'now').

However, after realising that the ham was really not going to fit into the largest pot I own, even after trying to boil it for an hour, I gave up and cosied it in foil then shoved it in the oven. For 6 hours. To this very minute, I still don't know how much it weighed, and I didn't take any pictures of it, possibly because I was scared it would object.

But what matters, on this very special Christmas eve, is that I'm now down to half a ham, and should hopefully only be eating it until next summer, all being well. *

My mum came round and got drunk on Baileys; just awesome. She doesn't get loud and in your face, she doesn't get violent, she doesn't even just quietly go to sleep in a corner...no...she just gets...kinda stupid. She has this awesome ability to spout utter crap, it's just awesome. It's often worth getting her drunk just to sit back and watch.

Noah, though having his moments (hey, he's ill! And he's a kid. He's allowed), has been great today. He was beside himself with excitement after opening three of his presents already (for Nana's benefit of course); a whizzing whirring car from his Granddad (my side), a big bouncy ball from Mama and Dada and a musical foot steps piano (think of the film 'Big') from Nana. He could barely contain himself!

Plus he had a whole serving of my soup which he loved (and I know he did because he told me) and then devoured a load of peas and some ham for his tea. We've been having some major food hassles lately so it was a monster sigh of relief to see him eat with comparatively minimal fuss (and some crazy new expressions).

Didn't get to do the pears, D had to drive Mum home (and those are some seriously alcoholic pears...) so they're on hold...but I don't care. Even if tomorrow sucks, today has still been great. Bring on the next two days!

*All ham recipes/ideas/suggestions welcomed and appreciated. There's only so much pea and ham soup a person can eat I think...
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  1. Ha ha! I just found your blog. Brilliant!

    Have a fab Christmas :) x