Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 22+6 days
Month: 6
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 21 weeks
Heartbeat: 151 bpm
Time to Go: 119 days
Size: Papaya. You know what? I think I'm going make up my own from now on. Let's say, big enough to kick my bladder and poke just below rib cage simultaneously. All idea contributions welcome.

Returned from a weekend away with D and Noah at the Elms Hotel. Now, I may have gotten minimal sleep as a result of Noah sharing our room and thus coughing and babbling both nights, and D snoring in the coughing and babbling gaps, but I have to say, if you have children and fancy a family stay in a VERY nice luxury hotel, I totally recommend this place.

I don't feel particularly rested (because I didn't sleep...did I mention this?) but I do feel surprisingly relaxed. I've never known ay hotel bend over backwards to look after babies and children!

D in all his loving wisdom booked me a Mama Mio Spa treatment, and then treated me to the same kit to use at home (The Smoothie Spa-at-Home Kit), as well as the Super Rich Body Cream and Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter. I think I may have found a new love. I love the products because they're designed specially for pregnant ladies and mamas; they smell and feel GREAT.

Much as I still love and use my trusty Lush products and Bio Oil, there's something about Mama Mio that makes me think, "Hmmm...yes, this is indeed, The Shit." Chances are someones going to tell me that the products are full of god knows what and my skin will fall off if I continue to use them, and I'll probably gain another 70lbs in additional, uh, skin. But I don't care, it's LUVERLY.

Moving on to my Button Pressing Fascination (seriously, if anyone knows of an official word for this, I would really like to know) I still haven't pressed The Button in my car, but I did try out another button, known as Cruise Control. Now that there is some creepy shit. What the hell is up with letting your car drive itself. Does no one else find that the craziest thing ever? Ok so I was only doing 50mph, on the motorway through some traffic restrictions, and very nearly shat myself when I took my foot off the accelerator and the car just carried on going (yes I KNOW cruise control supposed to do that) but seriously...you know..?!

Lastly, I'm finally embracing the hair.

Yap, it's short.

And I actually use clips in it.

But hey! I look strangely young, and given that 30 looms around the corner, I sure ain't complaining.
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  1. Samantha Says:

    Ooh! Glad you enjoyed the trip and I like the new haircut! :)