Why isn't it Friday yet?

Why don't I just nap when Noah does? (especially when it's for 2½ hours...)

Why do I have yet another cold?

Why is there no cure for the common cold?

Why is Noah in ultimate "I can behave like the Spawn of Satan" mode?

If he's teething, why can't the damn teeth just come through already?

Can I possibly publish this post without attaching a picture of him in all his cuteness?

Why is my SPD not so bad this time round?

Am I tempting fate asking that last question?

Do I think I'm having a girl or just secretly subconsciously wishing for one?

Will I be able to drink myself into oblivion Christmas 2009?

Exactly what size trousers should I be in?

Will I get round to writing the rest of the Christmas cards?

Will I get them mailed on time?

Could I be getting an iMac this year?

Is that some serious wishful thinking?

Will either DH or I pull our finger out anytime soon?

Am I within my rights to pull down the hateful "For Sale" sign outside our house?

Will I ever post a picture of my new hair do?

Will I ever look back at my previous job with a certain fondness?

Will I finally change career direction?

...will Noah eat the potato wedges and quiche that I'm so lovingly baking for him? (Ok the quiche is from Tesco's)

Will he in fact ever eat spoon food with lumps in it?

Should I care given he happily eats finger foods?

Hmmm....ok that's enough for now, answers on a postcard (or preferably in the comments).

Many thanks.

"Mom. Easy on the questions, yeh? Get over it."