Christmas Day - DONE. Boxing day to go.

Sweet Jesus have I ever been stressed? Did I ever seem stressed to you in any of my blog entries? Cos if I did, they sure as hell didn't compare to Christmas day. I think I spent most of the day in the kitchen, sticking my head around the door only occasionally to see if Noah was still enjoying his day.

Thankfully I still managed my menu, today's menu being Crab with Mango Salsa at about 1pm whilst his Mini Lordship ate pea and ham soup (you know that ham will live forever. Or at least until I find it green and mouldy at the back of the fridge). Then I somehow managed to cook a thousand different vegetables (some added as a last minute requests - not amused!) with the duck which was lovely but had approximately zilcho fat on it. That could have been interesting given I had planned to cook it for 3½ hours. Hmm, duck biscuits anyone? All that in time for dinner at about 5:30pm; what concerns me is that I was only cooking for D and myself! Going to be interesting should I get round to cooking mass family dinners...

But most importantly of course....was my BRAND SPANKING NEW iMAC!!

Oh no wait, there's something else -

Oh yes, Noah! Noah's first Christmas. We dressed him up in his Santa baby grow (cos he's nearly not a baby anymore and so we're allowed to do it so bite me all you folks who rolled your eyes. Here, have your eyes back) and demonstrated how to open one or two presents. He soon cottoned on how to open the rest, though for some reason he felt he couldn't open them without first climbing on top of the present. We are yet to understand this.

But still! He enjoyed everything so much, and again was almost gasping with excitement at some of the stuff he got, including a hammer and peg blocks, a composing piano thing, some brightly coloured things, some car things with wheels and stuff, and some er, stuff. You know, stuff for him to play with. He seemed to enjoy them!

D and I were quite surprised that he showed more interest in the toys than the boxes and paper, which was NOT what we were expecting to be quite honest. In fact, I think he became ridiculously over stimulated and what with a vile cold, two popping teeth and his lovely tamtrums, it all became a bit too much by early afternoon. But that's ok! He's a crazy kid who clearly doesn't know how to switch off yet; we ended up cuddling in front of My Friends Tigger & Pooh on tv and comfort burpee. Some things are just so cute.

Needless to say minutes later he was back to propelling himself around the room trying to decide which toy to play with next.

It was a great day, if a little manic, and it sucked being pregnant again and desperately trying to stay on my feet when all I wanted to do was sleep. Sure I knew it would be hard work, and I pray to lucifer and my George Forman grill that I won't be doing it again next year, but the day was lovely, and even though he hadn't a clue what was going on, it was great to see Noah enjoying his new toys.

Funnily enough we put a stocking in his cot with some toys in it for him to play with on Christmas morning. Poor kid was so tired (and oddly enough is so well behaved in the mornings) that he hadn't even touched it by the time we went in, so we did the "kids in parents bed on xmas morning" thing and helped him pull them out. He was so cute with it! Think he enjoyed shouting at his talking JCB dumper digger truck thing (I dunno, ask his dad, he's the engineer...)

As for my iMac, well of course it's delicious and lovely and delicious. There really isn't much else to say, apart from that. And it's awesome and huge. And did I say delicious? I've spent most evening on it downstairs before it goes in the study (where I may hibernate for the rest of my life). What's nice is that in a strange and unexpected way, it's given me some more ideas on what to do with myself in the future. Crazy, I know, but it's incentive.

Merry Christmas!