First of all, before anything else, can I just say thank you so much to all those who responded to my last post. I appreciate ALL responses, and it was so reassuring to have that reminder that there are actually people who do still give a shit (about me) because a lot of the time I forget.

So, thanks.

Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 18+4 days
Month: 5
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 17 weeks
Heartbeat: 141 bpm
Time to Go: 149 days
Size: Sweet potato. Ok I cooked some of these earlier and there were like, 5 different sizes. I pick the smallest.
Time til Big Scan: 11 days

After that post, unfortunately things took an unpleasant turn. In that fab way I do, I'm all happy smiles at the moment, but I'm still not quite sure what's bubbling away in the back of my mind. I do know that I can't keep going through all of this; I'm fast running out of stamina (or may have run out already) and I'm particularly scared about my future (in many, many ways).

D and I are still together, I still have my boy, and my baby. The three of them seem to be doing ok. D perhaps has a slightly better understanding of what's going on, but I don't know to what extent. Noah of course is being great again, he has his off moments and he still uses tantrums when he can (it's what they do, right?) but I'm trying my best to ignore them in the hope they'll maybe fade out in about 15 years time.

MW #2 had fun trying to find The Other One's heartbeat this week; it wouldn't keep still long enough (dear sweet Lord, please spare us...) and after 5 minutes she very nearly gave up. But hey, at least she knew where to look (and skimming through that post, it concerns me that a year later I still have a strong desire to shoot the neighbours. Noisy stupid whores).

There's loads more I could say, but not right now I think. So instead, here are a bunch of pictures off my lovely new phone, whilst I go and wait for my Chinese food to arrive. I am the healthiest person alive.

ACK. The cuteness.

!revliS oh iH