Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 17+6 days
Month: 5
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 16 weeks
Heartbeat: 146 bpm
Time to Go: 154 days
Size: Onion. I don't get it.
Time til Big Scan: 16 days

We have a new addition to our happy home!! Yes, it's called "Noah's Tantrums". They involve screaming, crying, hurling objects across the room, thrashing of hands and feet and zero cooperation.

Until he realises (as of yesterday) that actually he won't get his way anymore, and then flops himself on me for a cuddle. Yes I hear it...


Me: ...


Me: ... *cough* ... (cos I'm still ill with bird flu)

N: I shall now rotate my head at TOP SPEED and see how all my toys get caught up in the whirlwind wrath that is NOAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!1!!!!!!!!!111!

Me: *sniff* *cough* ....

N: ...

Me: ...

N: Ok mama gimmie cuddles now, I'm done.

They only last a few minutes, which I can tolerate in this frame of mind, and I knew they were coming soon enough. What scares me is that he's been smart enough all this time to know how to use them. (Stupid Whore! I hear you shout.)

The good news is we no longer think he has (had) chicken pox, and if he did then it was the mildest case we ever did see. He's still got the wretched world-wide cold (as have I, did I mention that?) and continues to trail snot everywhere and do that cute little kid thing where if it's close enough to his mouth, he attempts, with every effort, to have a good lick (you have no idea how many time's I have dry heaved over this).

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go because D has just walked through the door with dinner. Dominos Pizza, loaded potato skins, garlic bread, non alcoholic shandy and a tube of Skittles.

I AM the Healthy Mutha. The Other One is going to be TWICE as big as Noah. Bring it.
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