I love twitter. I truly do. If I could marry it, or sleep with it, or cuddle it occasionally, I would.

As a result of twitter, in this last week I have spoken to Andi Peters, Philip Schofield, Jonathan Ross, Alyssa Milano, Robert Llewellyn, Rob Brydon, Gia Milinovich and Krisnan Guru-Murthy. And in doing so, I've raised £800. I have £200 to go (two more celebrities to make £1000, as sponsored by @makesmilk).

And of course, who can forget that Twitter is responsible for my epic stalking of Stephen Fry. Quite possibly one of the best 10 hour stints of my life.

Also thanks to twitter, I'm now into my 32nd hour without having gone to bed for proper sleep. I've accumulated about 3 hours sleep in this time frame, and I feel like shit great! Added to that the Universal Case of F.O.F going round myself, Noah and Isaac, makes for a very happy household indeed. Not. But anyway.

Twitter is also responsible for some very awesome friendships with people I probably would never have met otherwise. If I haven't listed you, it's because I'm too lazy to post more links into text. Sorry. But you know who you are, and there are so many of you. And I'm in love with each and every one of you.

However there were plenty more people on twitter who helped me find my beans. And rejoiced with me when I found my beans.

There are also things which might and/or will happen, because of Twitter. Lovely things. Great things. Pretty cool things.

Like Blogher10 (OOOOOMFG) next August. I watched everyone tweet their way through it this year and it looked like one of the most awesome gatherings EVAH. Right down to the after parties, all through conferences, and, uh, Sparklecorn. There are people I CANNOT WAIT to meet at Blogher 10, and I'm wondering if there are ways to meet up with people who can't get there.

Also cool, is recent sort-of almost maybe-it-will-happen conversations with Karl Erikson, and his hilarious talk show, Secondhand Radio (I have no idea why it's called Secondhand Radio. I must ask him sometime).

I know some of you hate it. Some of you are Facebook whores. Some of you even go to the dark side and worship MySpace. But that's ok.

Twitter has shown me some good times. I heart you, twitter.
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I didn't know you know Karl! I also didn't know you had a blog. Apparently, I know nothing. :)

    I love Twitter too. My favorite celeb that I follow is actually Alyssa Milano. She just seems like good people, you know?

  2. mommaruth Says:

    I wasn't on your clickable list - but I know you still love me! Twitter is wonderful - I know most people think it's pointless (aka my hubs) but it's such a wonderful site for meeting great people from all over the world (just like you)! I know we've never met and we're just blog/twitter friends, but I enjoy your (online) company & you always make me smile with your crazy tweets and posts! I'm so grateful for this online community!

  3. @Hilly I do know Karl! Not as much as I'd like to, as he seems so lovely :O)

    @mommaruth You ARE on the clickable list! Try clicking on "I" ;o)