You know what? This Christmas sucked. Yes, it did. D's dad was in hospital on Christmas Eve having had a heart attack. He missed family dinners on Christmas and Boxing Day; in fact he was in there nearly a week and to be honest? Horribly, horribly honest? I doubted his survival. I braced myself for the absolute worst. He was in nearly a week, confirmed heart attack, had an operation 2 days ago. Thank the very gods, he is now home and appears to be doing well.

I was shitting myself. I couldn't cope, I didn't know how to help. I didn't know what to do. On top of that, of course I barely saw D and he barely saw his babies over the whole Christmas period; this is still the case. He's pretty much working every waking hour. And there's so much more he has to do, and quite unfairly as well.

And then, remember this post? You know, where I laid all my shit out there? Told it like it is? Sat back and waited to be slammed, and instead you were all fucking lovely?

Wait... I'm sorry...where ALMOST all of you were fucking lovely?

Well it turns out some people can't handle the truth. I can handle the truth. I can deal with my faults. I know I have plenty of them. I know I'm most definitely not always in the right. But I tell it like it is, because that's HOW IT IS.

You know who you are. Everyone else knows who you are. You named yourself.

So when I'm rejoicing over the fact that my Pa In Law is out of hospital, you know what's really fucking inappropriate? Leaving a shitty comment, about your OWN SORRY ASS, on an update about my family living to see another day (THANK GOD) and trying to bring me down with you. And then? Doing a fucking runner. "Unfriending" me. Leaving your shit on me and DOING A RUNNER. You are one of the most childish people I have ever met.

You know what? If you had balls? You would have left that comment, and stayed around, to take the shit that was so deservedly coming your way. Instead? You just proved your worth.

In fact? You proved you're worthLESS.

2009? I am sick of you. I have had enough of you. Matter of fact? This entire decade? You can go suck my balls.

Because you know what? I have balls. I have big hairy CAHOONAS and you? Mr I -Still-Haven't-Named-You-Because-I-Am-Not-A-Loser-Like-You? Can go suck them. And so can you, year 2009.

Because 2010? Is a whole new time. And I've got lots in store. And if anyone wants to fuck with me in that time? Well go ahead and BRING IT.

I'm ready and waiting for you.
5 Responses
  1. mommaruth Says:

    Seriously lady, this is why I love you. I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U!

    You inspire me so much with your freedom and your passion for being yourself. I look forward to stalking you daily in 2010, dear (and maybe meeting you at BlogHer '10)

  2. Kelly Says:

    hey cosmic girly, I assume you've been following some horoscopes? its going to be a GOOD year for us, aquarius!!!! really.
    it is! and you know what...I've used the SAME words...BRING IT!! I'm ready for 2010 and I've got my boxing gloves and my sexy panties on. I have NO idea what that meant. but somehow I think it might make sense to you. LOL

    I can't WAIT!! there's a full moon on NY eve and ALSO a lunar eclipse. this is an amazing opportunity. and the partial eclipse will be visible to you, but not to me. I'll be wishing on it anyway though!!

    thinking of you!!
    wooohoooo!!! bring it!!!

  3. Jen Says:

    I'm with you on hoping 2010 is a hell of a lot better for you than 2009 - but don't forget the good things that have happened for you in the past decade.
    You (met and?) married D, and had two gorgeous, wonderful boys!!!
    Stay positive, and I hope to see you really soon.
    Loads of love to you all, and get well vibes to your Dad-in-law.

  4. That, was an impressive rant. Hope 2010 is a total reverse of 2009 for you. Happy New Year.

  5. Nomie Says:

    just found your blog, stumble upon it from twitter friend... I've been sitting here reading post after post... I'll be back for more.