Every day, I come downstairs with my children in the morning. The TV is turned on, and more often than not, we tune in to CBeebies. I like it. It's doable. Interesting snippets. Fun programmes.

And obviously, because I'm such a good mom, it makes for an awesome baby-sitter.

And when I really started to enjoy CBeebies over the summer, whiling away the hours waiting for Isaac to get his ass out, I really got into this.

Awesome. I love to get up on my feet and dance to random crazy stuff anyway, but I LOVED jigging to this with Noah. It's a great idea. I never knew they did seasonal songs. I thought it was a one-off until THIS came along.

The. SHIZZLE. Right down to the crazy Vivaldi shit in the middle. A lot of people wouldn't spot it but I thought it was plain frigging genius.

So obviously, I was all, "Omfg I cannot WAIT to see what they come up with for winter/Christmas.

And then it arrived.

I have a few questions.

1: Why the fuck are they singing/mumbling Christmas crap outside an office block?
2: What the fuck is with the ridiculously fake snow?
3: Why can none of them dance in time to the music?
4: What the hell are they singing?
5: Why do the presenters look like they have ice poles shoved up their asses, prompting those shit-scary grins?
6: Why would you be in a hot air balloon in the middle of (all be it, FAKE) winter?
7: What are they singing?
8: did the presenters have to go for therapy after making this?

CBeebies - you need to get your shit together.
3 Responses
  1. Jen Says:

    I TOTALLY agree with you. "No expense spent" to quote my other half. The one from last Christmas was pretty good, we just can't understand what's happened... James dances to EVERYTHING, but he doesn't dance to this!
    Oh, and did I mention "What the fuck are they singing?"....

  2. Maybe they meant it to be rubbish just to get everyone talking?
    Fwiw i totally agree, although my kids do enjoy it

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I loved the summer one and like so many others, I hate the winter one too! So many people on Twitter have slated it too. Hope the BBC are listening!