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  1. This is adorable!

    I've just been catching up with your worries about Noah's speech and I just want to say I HEAR YOU.

    We're a bit earlier on, Kai is nearly 17 months, but I have worries too. He says Mama and Dada and yeah and that's it. I'm hoping it's going to all fall into place in the next few months and know it's early days, but I really admire you for going with your gut and not let people fob you off with excuses when you have very real concerns.

    Glad your doctor listened, but even more glad that Noah sounds like he's doing great. 'Waybuloo' made me nearly die of cuteness overload.

  2. mommaruth Says:

    Adorableness! I know you're there in the moment and you have your worries and fears just like any normal parent would - but him, just as he was there, is too cute!

  3. Cassandra Says:

    HELL thats cute! Seriously cute. And adorable. And pretty damn cute.
    And I also think he makes FAR more sense than many grown ups, mentioning no names... ;) Go Noah!!! :D
    Oh yeah, and did I mention cute?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Too cute! Looks like a great kid (& a great Mum too, of course)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    btw his speech seems fine to mem, although I'm no expert. I dop know that kids develop at different rates: I spent months crawling when I should have been on my feet & ended up a rugby winger & champion sprinter (really). (Should have been an All Black actually, may blog about it sometime). Later on I had to do remedial reading, but that worked itself out too. (Still can't type 'though). I wouldn't worry about it.