I had a fully fledged post idea to do yesterday, it was gonna be wicked, with all kinds of pointless unfunny crap in it.

Instead, at about 12:12pm, I agreed to a Subway Sub which I happily wolfed down. It's my fave.

And at about 4pm when I felt bloated to hell and incredibly tired, it was still my fave but I sure as hell wasn't hungry. And I still planned to blog.

And THEN, at about 7:30 when I was desperately trying to finish de-bearding and cleaning the mussels we were going to have for tea, I figured the post was going shit out the window when I spent the next 4 hours barfing up the entire contents of my stomach.

You know what really sucks? When your gut is convulsing so much, even though it is completely empty (and I mean, completely empty) that you can't even speak.

Today I have spent most of the day trying to move off the sofa. Without ralphing. And this is all I have to offer you.

What a fucking day.