(Watching an ad on TV for Disneyworld)

D: I can't wait to take Noah and The Other One to Disneyworld

Me: The Other One??

D: Oops you know, I mean Mocha...er, not Mocha...Mocha II...

Me: The Other One?????

D: I don't like Mocha! It doesn't seem right.

Me: But you wanted Mocha!

D: Yeah I know but -

Me: And I've already blogged with Mocha II!!!

D: Yeah well -

Me: The Other One????!!!!!!!! I bloody argued and you said -

D: Yeah I know -

Me: And so now you call it The Other One?????!!! (Slightly incredulous expression)

D: ...

Me: You DO know you ARE the father of this child? It does actually belong to you?

D: ...

Me: Dude.

I love pregnancy hormones, they're awesome.
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1 Response
  1. Kelly Says:

    LOVE IT!

    always a fan of dialogue and that was priceless!

    and hormones are such a gift, eh?