I've really started to wonder about Noah's behaviour lately. He is always on the go (and I mean ALWAYS, it's ridiculous), he can have the most amazing tantrums, his intelligence levels are very high according to the health visitor at his 8 month check (he averaged scores of 12 - 15 months), he flits from one toy to the next and it's an effort to get him to stick with one toy for more than 1 minute (unless it does a million different things)...

And so I googled (a past time which really should be outlawed) and up popped ADHD. It's crossed my mind before, but most people said oh yeah his behaviour's perfectly normal. So why then, when I look at other babies, do none of them seem as extreme as Noah?

I hate having this niggling, and have done for some months now, and I briefly skirted over it before, but I always know what everyone else will say. So I just keep hoping it'll change soon, whilst I casually let it eat away at me quietly.

Everyone said he'd be better when he's crawling. That didn't happen. Then they said wait til he's walking. Still no change, in fact, he's pissed off more often, unless I go ass over tit doing everything the world will allow to keep him entertained.

D and I often talk about his behaviour and we both think there's no way he'll cope in public school the way he's going, and may well have to be home schooled or private schooling. I know he's only 9 months, and it's all too easy to label our kids when they're so very, very young. But sometimes, you know just sometimes, we have to question these things.

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  1. A Says:

    hey there. i responded to your message of FF. i really think noah is totally normal! a super busy, super smart, but normal 9.5 month old! :)

  2. Kelly Says:

    hey, very interesting because I am struggling with this very thing right now. C is SUCH a spaz. He's very very smart but he's defiant, has no self control whatsoever. Well he's not aggressive or mean so he does have some. but he is constantly, and I mean constantly in motion. flipping, jumping, flipping, twirling, falling, running, jumping...it is SO f'ing aggravating!!! I googled ADHD last week and I have entertained the notion before. But I have always dismissed it because he can focus and he doesn't really fit the criteria. But I do wonder more and more. And WE have kindergarten next year so I'm suuuuuper anxious about this. having some inflexible bitchy teacher who wants to label my kid will bug me seriously.

    On the flip side, there is this: boys are boys. society wants boys to be girls, who play by themselves, make up elaborate stories for barbie to live out, who color for hours...boys do not do those things. they never have. but in the "old" days boys ran around outside until dusk. They ate frogs and went swimming in water that probably contained leeches and fungus and godknowswhat, then they ate possibly poisonous mushrooms, giggled about bad words, threw rotten eggs at farmer joe's wagon, teased their sisters with the leeches they found in the lake...etc etc etc ad infinitum until mom hollared out the door to get their ass home for dinner!!!

    life isn't like that anymore. I think maybe boys brains haven't evolved to meet the current times yet. really. some boys struggle with it more than others and I am not kidding you when I tell you I KNOW what you are feeling. Feel free to bounce ideas off me cuz I am right there with you right now.

    I read the definition of ADHD out loud to my hubby the other night while cliff absentmindedly watched some movie. Cliff goes "that just sounds like a honyok to me". I coulda peed my pants.

    (hopefully you know what a honyok is...unsure of spelling. we say "hawn-yawk")

    hang in there. he's just a boy. a great one. the naughty ones are so much more fun if you can manage to keep any or your sanity. =)