Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 14+2 days
Month: 4
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 12 weeks
Heartbeat: 151bpm
Time to Go: 179 days
Size: Lemon. But wait, that's smaller than a peach, right? Uh, wtf?

Mother of god people coming to view the house tonight first viewing need to tidy forgot to mention selling house no more room for babies must find space throwing all crap in a box hide it somewhere dunno where dust everywhere tired thirsty need more room must go into loft but too many spiders eek clutter need to hoover and not fall down stairs.

I should probably get off the computer too.
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  1. Kelly Says:

    that was really poetic actually. I haaaate moving. we have SO much shit its not even funny. I have no idea how we'd show a house while still living in it with 2 kids!! aaaahh!

    I feel your pain!