Hey! Remember when Noah heard about putting on 7oz per week and decided to play catch-up? Well we had words about that. So creepily enough, he started to feed for about 15 minutes at a time, one boob at a time, bang on every 3 hours apart from at night where he'd sleep through. In his nursery. Without his mom hovering nearby. (See how I got smug there then took it right back?)

Needless to say the panic slowly started to creep in, thinking he'd be shedding oz/lbs again ("My poor baby! Your 13lb frame and baby rolls will just whither away to nothing! What will I DOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"). I got my arse into gear and took him to be weighed yesterday. We also managed to piss off a few other mums who were trying to coax their babies to stop screaming, fidgeting or for the love of god just go to sleep.

Noah lay on his mat in his nappy and laughed.

Went in to be weighed.

HV#2 "He's 6.53kg"

Me "...uh?"

HV#2 "I'll work that out in pounds for you shall I dear?"

Me "...thanks..."

HV#2 "Yes he's 14lbs 6oz."

Me "...uh??"

HV#2 "Yes he's gaining maybe an average of 12oz per week. What are you feeding him?"

Me "... ... ...uh???"

"I say old chap, do you mind topping me up, what? I was having a drink with my aquaintance and some blithering idiot knocked over my glass..."