ACK. Enough with the emotions already.

Good news: despite tendonitis, I can still carry on playing as long as I ease in gently (ha!)and IL has offered to resume my lessons. Thank the lord (lucifer is on a break).

More good news: We're indulging in Baby Einstein and it's actually good fun. We're working on signing for milk (which involves me signing milk whilst Noah screams his heart out for milk and just feed me now and stop wriggling your hands in my face you stupid whore). Occasionally we also sign mommy and daddy. His input is to stare at us curiously, sigh and wonder what the hell we're trying to torture him with.

I must say, I'm truly impressed with D and his efforts; he sat and watched the signing DVD with us and learnt pretty much all of them first time round. Then we watched Baby Bach. Noah fell asleep. I can understand that...

Random good news: Noah's cradle cap is clearing up now that I'm paying more attention to actually doing something about it, I'm off to Lush later today to pick up some world famous* Dream Cream, which does the trick nicely, compared to the 'hint of plastic bondage clothing scented' Oilatum.** It makes me want to Ralph.

Interesting news: Noah decide to test my skills by having two Code Browns in one day. I rose to the challenge, which resulted in only one change of clothes. I am the master...!

Not so good news: I can't seem to shift this pregnancy weight dammit! I'm kinda tired of hearing "Oh yeh, this one girl breastfed for 3 days and lost her preggo weight plus another 48 stone!" People that does NOT make me feel better, especially when I'm exclusively breastfeeding. (Yes, because I can so nyer nyer, bitches.) I truly admire people who can shift the weight, and look gorgeous, and blah frigging blah, but what am I doing so terribly wrong? I eat breakfast (porridge), lunch (pasta maybe, big chunky-ass sandwich) and then dinner (proper in-yo-face meal). I snack on fruit...and cakes...and biscuits...oh wait, hang on.

Maybe I should take a hint from Noah.

"mum, thanks for the milk and everything, but seriously the snacking has to stop. can i interest you in a squidgy finger."

"maybe a juicy hand."


* It probably isn't world famous, although it might be, and it should be.

** I'd like to point out that I do not make a habit of sniffing plastic bondage clothing.