Have you ever been stabbed with a needle? Ok, have you ever had an injection in the thigh? I yelled when I had that done years ago. I can't even remember what it was for, I just remember developing an instant strong dislike for the person administering it.

Noah had his first jabs yesterday. And do you know how they do it? DO YOU???? (High pitched wailing voice and desperate wringing of hands) HOLY MOTHER they give him TWO NEEDLES at the SAME TIME, in BOTH THIGHS.

How did he take it? Well, um, he whimpered a bit and then sat there sucking his pacifier while frowning at the loony nurses. Out in the lobby, he cried for food, then went to sleep. You know, no biggie.

I'd also like to pay a small homage to that wonderful attitude known as Stubborness, a close dear friend of mine.

Yes oh yes thank you very much, I owe Stubborness a lot of gratitude, because that's nearly 50fl.oz of milk you're looking at. Sometimes it's worth bawling your eyes out in sheer pain for six weeks when you get rewards like this.