Due Date: 01/08/2008
Week: 8+6 days
Month: 3
Trimester: 1
Fetus Age: 7 weeks

Time to go:
Due Date: 217 days
2nd Trimester: 21 days
UltraScan: 6 days

I have trees in my belly. Or maybe some kind of stalker. Or perhaps the vast belly that is empty save for bloatedness and gas is echoing round the doppler. No hb (yeh yeh I know, it's too early...) but we do hear loud whooooshing noises - they're really creepy! Sounds like someone blowing really loudly on a microphone, only it's emitting from my belly :o) It's exciting so that kinda keeps me in check for now. DH is really good at finding it now too.

So my latest food is cheese on toast - works a treat every time. Girls on FF talk about a brat diet (banana - rice - apple - toast) I'm thinking I might give that a try this week. I'm just hoping it doesn't all have to be mixed together...*euch*

Finally gone off KFC I think; gives me incredible wind (as if what I currently have isn't bad enough!) and current snack is lettuce and salad cream - how healthy! But it does mean I'm hungry a lot...most of the time I don't want to eat though unless it's (selected) junk food. Chips are a good choice, and tonight we're having subway sandwiches and curly fries (OH YES!!!!) and I may have to join in with the choc chip cookie to finish. In fact, the desire for chocolate has increased again, possibly the need for iron? I'm too scared to take my prescription iron tablets...

Ooooh must pick up some chocolate ice lols (cornetto? magnum? anything choc and dairy and full of wholesome crap?) from Sainsbury's later.

Nearly dropped myself in it at rehearsal yesterday; thank god U/S is soon because I can't hide the belly much more, I'm falling asleep in rehearsal and my mouth is bigger than Europe. I think Jeph might be on to me, but I don't think she'll say anything, hopefully she's still too wrapped up in her own pg and the fact that her DB proposed last Thursday (um...surprise?) Thankfully being able to use anaemia is staving people off I think...can't wait to just get it out though, even if it's bad news. I hope it's not bad news. I actually think it will be good news.

So I'm a day off 9 weeks, and looking roughly (and rough) around 5 months. I'm so bloated it's funny. I wonder if I'm just going to stay this size till I get to 5 months or something. Though it's just occurred to me I'm already into my 3rd month...what the hell! Some of the symptoms are interesting; poor DH annoys me just by walking into the room (before he's even said or done anything) and he smells too...ack. And eating a pink lady apples - they have no taste!! wtf?? Don't like Chinese food either. It's insane. Oh look, food subject again.

I reeeeeeally need my sub sandwich now.