Ahhhhhh yes my lil beastie of a car is back. I've missed my lil orange lovely. And I think they cleaned it too. On the outside. Hell. Yes.

Due Date: 01/08/2008
Week: 9+4 days
Month: 3
Trimester: 1
Fetus Age: 8 weeks

Ah I can't be bothered with the other bit, you can work it out, right?

I'm refraining from getting the doppler out again (to make sure it still works of course, nothing else). But I don't want to listen to the first recording because I obviously know what that sounds like (duh). FFs keep warning about Doppler overuse, and everytime I search the internet I'm yet to find anything. Doesn't take much to instill the fear of God in a person. DH is out today, it's more than likely I'll try it because I'm bored.

I have (another) new toy - T-mobile MDA Vario II and it's frickin (wtf?) Haven't got all my games on it yet, and I need a flash card and blah blah, but it's pretty. And does cool stuff. And. Free.

I ventured into Primark yesterday - it was a helluva experience. But I spent £50 and got like a million tops, pants, and some joggers. My Increasingly Fat wardrobe is complete. I may have also diverted past H&M and got some more stuff. I love big clothes, they mean you don't have to suck your belly in. Ah the relief.

And so it's scan and then Cornwall on Monday. I think the reality is starting to sink in with DH now he's heard the heartbeat. Ironically I'm still not quite getting it. I just think I'm tired/lazy/huungry all the time with no real good reason. Though Mocha is asking for some really weird shit lately (tomatoes? Please don't make me do that again. And salivating at avacados? You're a messed up Bean). Still, at least I know Mocha hates fag smoke; my god the urge to ralph everytime someone walked past stinking of fags yesterday was borderline intriguing.

Christ I cannot wait for Cornwall, must remember to find the buckets and spades.