BECAUSE I HAVE TWO HEARTBEATS!!!! Yeeeeah that's right - last night we heard Mocha's heartbeat!!! Holy crap it was the scariest thing ever. We recorded it on our phones and then I spent an hour crying about it. It still hasn't sunk in, and I still can't believe it's in there. Like, floating around in it's juices and stuff. DH phoned his mum (currently in Norway) and she seemed pretty happy about it (she shows emotion the same way as DH - not very much but it's there if you know what you're looking for) and then I phoned Sis and she was chuffed to bits. She couldn't believe what she was hearing when I played it down the phone. Then mum called later and I played it down the phone to her - she cried. It was really cute.

Due Date: 01/08/2008
Week: 9+2 days
Month: 3
Trimester: 1
Fetus Age: 7 weeks

Time to go:
Due Date: 214 days
2nd Trimester: 18 days
UltraScan: 3 days

We're down in Cornwall next week, so at least I know that I can go down with positive thoughts and shitting myself about what's going on in there. I've also decided (after much thought...) that I'm not going to announce on Sunday at rehearsal. I figure I could if I wanted to, but would rather have some solid evidence. I'm still going to do the wearing the baby t-shirt and not actually saying anything though, but at least then if anyone asks, I'll have the U/S pics on me to show if anyone's interested. I'll bet it's sods law that no one notices the t-shirt, but what the hey, if people care enough then they'll ask. I just need to be REALLY careful not to drop myself in it like I nearly did last week.

I've found a fabulous blog from a woman who's blogged for the last 4 years, including during her pregnancy and birth and 1st year of motherood - she's frickin ace and her name is Amalah (pronounced Aim - a - lah). But her real name is Amy. I don't understand either, but she's pretty cool. And she has a huge fan base! To the point where poeple congratulate themselves on being the first to leave a comment, but then don't leave a comment. I understand. I think.

I've decided to broaden this blog a little bit because I know some of you might get bored of the whole baby thing (even though this is orginally a baby blog, but still). So I thought I'd talk about some other stuff.

Had a message from J-Po via myspace, told him the news. Picked up another guitarist who wants to play, I'll be in touch. I've just hoovered the lounge, using the shake and vac. I didn't do the dance. We're going to Cornwall next week. I already said that. I still don't have my car, I miss it.

Ok I'm gonna go see if I can upload the baby's heartbeat to my laptop.... :oD Thinking I'll be back later