AAAAAAAACK. Ok so I left the planet for a short while and didn't post. Well, actually I just went to Cornwall with DH, on a much needed, stress free, work free break. Did absolutely nothing all week (eat, sleep, eat, sleep), was frickin ace. Now I'm home and I'll do more of the same (eat, pass out, eat, pass out).

Oh yeh, and we had our U/S last Monday. :)

Due Date: 01/08/2008
Week: 10+4 days
Month: 3
Trimester: 1
Fetus Age: 9 weeks

Time To Go:
Due Date: 205 days
2nd Trimester: 9 days

So of course, the scan was freakin awesome. I was naturally crapping myself in what felt like the lengthy eternity before she put the scanner on my belly, and that blank screen looked like it wanted to make some kind of mockery of me. As soon as she put it on my belly, there she was, bouncing around like something I could never even imagine. Mocha was there, in full glory, waving arms and legs like she was trying to say hello, bouncing around all over the place. Needless to say, I cried (well it was inevitable. Now shut the hell up).

You could see head, body, legs, arms, cord, sac...and most importantly, the heartbeat (a crazy little flashing blob in the middle of it all). Madam Sonographer moved the scan thingy around a bit and also found a cyst on one of my ovraies, and suspected it may have come from the work done with the D&C, but said it didn't look like there was anything to worry about. She even found the follicle that Mocha would have come from, which was oddly creepy.

Then came the moment of amusement - according to my charts I was 9w6d at the scan, whereas Mme Sonographer said Mocha was measuring 10w5d. Holy cow (wildebeast), I think she may be a big one. My siblings and DH's siblings were all around the 9lb mark when born. That does not fill me with confidence.

Interestingly, I asked Mme Sonographer on her opinion with Dopplers. She seemed very adamant about not using them, and suggested we wouldn't get any use out of one til after 12 weeks (like, around the 16 week mark?!). Hmm...yes hi...I'm convinced she was just trying to make sure we wouldn't freak out if we didn't hear it.

So I ovbiously tried it again as soon as we got back from Cornwall. Few seconds, and there she was. Thanks Mme Songrapher, but I think we're ok.

And now, for the first time ever, presenting to you....some pictures.

I'm still wary about this blogging thing, so I'll maybe post some more soon. But at the moment, I seem to write enough for a novel. So enough alrady.