I haven't read comments from yesterday's post yet, but I know I can't wait to see what you all had to say regarding Noah and possible "Speech Delays". And um, after all my whining and panicking and shit, Noah did a day without his soother today, having it only for a nap time (where we gave it to him without thinking) and at bedtime (when he asked for it).

Annoyingly, awesome as that was (and I swear to the good lord we were freaking THRILLED, especially as it wasn't planned), I still found myself analysing his every move, listening to his every sound, all day.

Why is he lining his cars up all pointing the same way on the window sill like that?

Did he just say the words "thank you"?

Why does he always have to have everything "just so" when he wants to watch tv?

If I say "light" twenty times over to him, do you think he'll say it back?

Are all toddlers this quirky?

Probably not, but not so many are this cool.
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  1. Bushra Says:

    oooh good luck with dummy cold turkey. my boy hit two in august and while he is off it at other times, still likes it at bedtime. but you know you're making progress when he hands it over voluntarily one morning. no lie!

    i want to tell you not to worry, but i know that's no help. i freak myself out about my boy's eating habits and how everyone goes on about how's he soooo skinny. make your own way through it i think, you'll learn a lot about yourself too. i know i've learned not to give a shit when people make any observation about my boy's physical appearance.