For quite some time, I have been very worried about Noah's speech.

*collective gasp/eye rolling/blissful ignorance*

No seriously. I know you're all like, "uh, dude? Not even two."

And I'm all nervous mom, hand wringing, um-ing and ah-ing about it all. And then I kinda do the whole cocky well-my-kiddo-was-walking-at-8-months thing in that way that’s being an asshole but pretending not to be an asshole, even though I’m totally being an asshole.

Now he’s nearly two. I am genuinely worried now. I didn't make a big deal of it before because exactly that; he's only nearly two. And I'm all "well he's been busy walking and um, being uh, physically developed, and uh, that's been his priority and stuff". You know, in a not so assholey kinda way.

But he’s done all that now. He walks, runs, jumps, spins around, falls over, tumbles, gets up, climbs up, climbs down, do all that crazy shit Sportacus does...and it’s all so easy to him and he’ll do it again and again.

But he’ll point to a light in a room, and say “UH”. The same noise he made when pointing to lights last Christmas, some nine months ago. He’ll make that same noise for most things.

Noah’s current vocab:
Dada, Mama, Nana, teeth, twenty, Isaac, no, Lee.

Aaaaaand that’s it. Of those 8 words, the first four are clear as day. The last four are identifiable because we understand him. No one else does. He said hiya a few times. We haven’t heard that for a while. His sign language, however, is impressive in my opinion. Sometimes we only have to use a sign once in context and he’ll remember it.

Noah’s current signs:
Please/thank you, yes, no, eat, more, biscuit, milk, sorry, brother, duck, chicken, monkey, teddy bear, hug, baby, car, wheel, hot, smell, beep, noise, sleep, cry, drink, elephant, star, hello/bye bye, fish, medicine.

There are more but I can’t even remember them right now (he knows more than me).

Noah’s animal sounds:
Dog, cat, chicken, monkey, elephant, lion, zebra, horse, frog, cow.

He’s only 20 months. ACK. He’s ONLY 20 months. But you know what? I worry. I worry a LOT. Can you tell I’m worried? Because I really am worried.

I want to blame it on his dummy. I hate that thing, and I want to get rid of it. Hell I wanted to get rid of it ages ago, but my spineless self couldn’t face the tears and tantrums that would follow. Having said that of course, he’s going through so many fantastic tears and tantrums these days, I often wonder to myself what difference it would make.

But the fact is, we tell him to take his dummy out to speak to us and the exact same noise comes out. Also, I say again, when he does say some of his words, they’re as clear as day. The rest, well, I haven’t a clue. There’s rarely a change in inflection, his babble is minimal and usually revolves around the words he already knows.

I’m in danger. You know that webpage that makes you an instant doctor, qualified or no? You know, where all your heart's desires are fulfilled, every question answered? Well at the moment I’m doing all I can to make sure I don’t try to become an expert in verbal communication.

D and I sat and had a very long talk last night. He’s worried too. We’re on holiday at the moment, and we’ve decided that when we get back, we’re going cold turkey on dummy elimination. It’s gone, it’s over, time to let it go. We wanted it gone by the time he was one. I failed. Then I said 18 months. I didn’t even try. So now, it has to be by the time he’s two. We just cannot face him still having it when he’s 3. I appreciate some people let their children have their soothers until they’re 5, 6 sometimes maybe 7 years old.

I also appreciate when people say “Ahww but it makes him happy! Other babies still have theirs...” D’s response was “Ok so if feeding people cocaine makes them happy, should we also do that to our child?” I love his way of thinking, and oddly enough, that makes sense to me.

I’m nervous. We’re both nervous. Noah still seems awesome somehow.

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5 Responses
  1. sorry to hear that you are so worried. my oldest was a talker @ 8 months and 3-4 word sentences by 12 months, conversations by 18 months. my middle definitely had a few words by 12 months. neither walked until a month or 2 until after their first b-day. my oldest NEVER crawled. my youngest (also 20 months) didn't really start with words other than the usual mama, dada, dog, etc, until last month really. (i was a little concerned.) he was crawling pretty early and walked right before he turned 1. we NEVER did sign language-didn't need it with the first 2, maybe could have with him, though. i really think you have to go with your instincts, not comparing him to other children. you're the mamma and know your baby better than anyone else. late talkers are usually caught up around 2-1/2, i think. he's probably fine and like you said busy! but to put your mind at ease give a call to your doc, i'm sure it will be fine. =0)

    i still haven't taken the paci away from him, but he's still nursing, too. come 2 the paci is history, though.

  2. mommaruth Says:

    Noah is still very awesome! Kids grow at their own speeds - I wouldn't get consumed by worry just yet. The main thing you need to do is be firm, be faithful and trust in your son. He'll get there. He just needs a little help. And even though he won't understand things right now, he'll always understand that you love him and you support him. Tears come and go, but won't it be so worth every second of every tantrum when he can finally look at you and say "I love you, Mom"?

  3. Chris Says:

    Hey :o) i come across this everyday in the work I do ... pre school age chidlers and up to their 2yr check up singing and speech. Heck, i'd be happy to meet up with you three and do a simple hows your father sesh and see if you're fears are warranted - they may not be at all. I LOVE the fact that you are signing with him, communication with toddlers is so much more than just words... so thats a good thing.
    Text or call me hun, 07875 380440 ... i'm by no means an expert but i can help if you want me to.
    Im not saying you need it ... but im here and (most importantly in these times) free.

    Mwah x

  4. Kat Says:

    I wouldn't worry too much. I was worried about KiKi for a bit, but then she just exploded with this huge vocabulary all of a sudden. I guess she just didn't have much to say before (or her sister said it all for her).

  5. Kelly Says:

    alright look...relax a bit. for one thing, I had a friend whose kid said next to nothing until he was WELL OVER 2 and then it was hardly anything. He's 3 and a half now and is all caught up. she's not as chatty as me and I suspect their house wasn't as chatty either, but its probably just the way he's wired. Cliff talked perfectly by 2, but Amanda didn't. And since she's given up her daytime binky her speech has way improved. Not to say that the binky is bad and she talked alot even with it in but since its NOT in, the speech is better. relax. he isn't going to be early at everything. He's totally fine and it will come. and then you'll be wondering why you wished away the silence when he's back talking you. =) easy to say I know. But I'm sure he's fine. The fact that he signs so well is also a good thing. Why bother talking when everyone knows what I am asking for and hmmpf. I'll do this talking thing in my own good damn time, thank you.

    hang in there. yes, toddlers ARE *that* quirky. and then some. I'm still waiting for the mothership to return to collect mine.