We're on Day 4 sans pacifier. He still has it for bedtimes, but doesn't have it at all in the day. I think being away on holiday has helped a bit, yet we expected child of Satan to have emerged by now, especially as he's sleeping in one colossal single bed in a creepy bedroom on his own.

He's been on the naughty pillow a few times, rarely more than once a day to be honest, in fact only one day was he on there twice. Despite somehow still looking and being awesomely cute and awesome and by the way, did I mention awesome?

You know who else is awesome? You guys. I'd also like to thank everyone for their responses regarding the whole speech thing...we (D and I) appreciate all your feedback which has been very informative. Needless to say we're still Wah wah wahhh yaddah yaddah, and understand what you're all saying.

I noticed a lot of people mentioned that perhaps he's just not ready to talk; I'd have to say the opposite. There have been so many times where the poor kiddo is pointing at something or shaking his head furiously shouting "AUUH!!!" louder and louder, hoping we'll somehow understand him. So many of his tantrums begin by means of him not being able to communicate. And he babbles. Boy does he babble. But it's all the same word, or sound. That "auh" noise.

His signing is great; he's picking up new words at a rate of knots at the moment, yet with each new word he signs, comes the sound "auh". To be honest, if he wasn't learning to sign, we'd all be fucked. (Hello, can you say "screaming murderous tantrum"?)

I was told to follow my instincts. They say the Mama is always right, right? My instincts tell me Noah is late to talk, and though I wouldn't expect him to hit every milestone "at the right time" (whenever that may be), my instincts tell me he's late and that whilst I shouldn't go all out panic, I do feel something is wrong.

I'm not on all out panic mode, that's a while away yet. But I do still stand by there being something not quite right. Maybe I'll be proved wrong.
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  1. Kelly Says:

    hmmm. does Noah have ear infections? have you investigated this route yet?
    ear infections=fluid and fluid can delay speech significantly. a hearing test can tell you. I am telling you, both my kids were totally chatty and both of them had tubes in their ears early and after the tubes they went from talking to "dissertations" and "lectures" etc.

    or, again, it may be nothing. he may be ready to talk in that he wants to tell you what he wants, but being that he is cosmically related to my children, is stubborn and wants to talk on his own terms and wants you all to figure out what he is saying, damnit. lol

  2. Kelly: LMAO I often wonder if you are indeed my doppleganger nemesis or something. He often has his ears checked and they're all clear, though this was also my thinking.

    And when that mother ship arrives, don't forget to pick me up, k?

  3. Bushra Says:

    completely off topic, but yay for lightning mcqueen! the boy is on his fifth one now, gah! the number of times he has recreated the same scene noah has set up in picture #1.

    i'm all for going with your instinct, and i have to admit the idea of an ear infection didn't cross my mind. so all i can offer is the encouragement to do what you gotta do :)

  4. go with your instinct!!

    cute pic btw.

  5. Yah on going without dummy ,that is HUGE.

    On the talking thing im big on saying going with your instinct.

    My eldest was a late talked , at 2 heck at 3 had maybe half a dozen words. Would anyone listen? Nope no referaal till she was 3 and then it took months. She is now 4 and about 2 years behind in speech and finally they are starting to help her , amazingly in the few weeks she has been getting speech therpy she has started talking wonderfully (in contents not so much prononciation).

    I think mummy does know best, i could of told you Rebecca would have a speech problem from about 6 months but everyone kept saying she will be fine .

    Hope it gets better.