...cos Oh my GOD this kid is just nom-ness in every conceivable way. He is just over a week old, is almost sleeping through the night 10pm til 6am (one feed at 2am is all he asks), only cries if he's hungry or can't quite settle himself and FEEDS FROM THE BOOB.


Cos seriously. Omg.

That's about all I can say. Omg.

He's about 10 minutes old. And I couldn't believe what I had just achieved. Granted, the birth story I published is the edited down version (the full length version may actually be an epic novel) but sweet Jesus, there was so much more, and it blew me away.

Sure I didn't get the homebirth, hell I didn't even labour in water, but I did the best I could under the circumstances, and you know what? I am DAMN proud of myself.

Isaac Jay is SO COOL. His brother thinks he's pretty cool too.

And even though he's not so bothered a week later, he still gave his little bro a gorgeous welcome home.

I had my hormonal break down (as expected) on Monday, which was no fun. In fact it was freakin' shit. I knew it would come, and I'm not crying PND just yet, but I'm very aware of my wariness of the situation. It's harder trying not to think about it, and I'm trying to just enjoy the emotional roller coaster of becoming a mum of two (under two).

It makes me laugh how there are people snarking behind my back (or think it's behind my back...I'm not stupid, people...) saying that there's no way of doing 2 under 2, or I must be crazy, or I'll never cope, or whatever. But you know what? Shut up with your shit and just get on with it. That's what I'm trying to do. And at the moment, I'm loving it.

The whole breast feeding thing is going surprisingly well. He feeds each time like he hasn't eaten in years, and so my boobs took a bit of a beating, which they're now recovering from. He latched on straight away after he was born and fed immediately, and hasn't looked back. He dropped 5% of his birth weight (down to 10lbs 6oz) which he almost regained 3 days later (10lbs 11oz). Oh and did I mention he's a freakin giant? 2ft/61cm long? I sit him scrunched up on my lap and wonder how the hell he fit in.

FYI, I know I can't type much more because he's bound to wake up soon and scream for the boob (which is just fine by me).

He still doesn't have a pacifier even though I'm sure Noah had one by now (because I seem to recall having no sleep/sanity). Instead, Isaac seems to prefer this.

We had photographer Alan Bremner come round on Monday to take some pics to expand his portfolio. Needless to say none of my pictures are as good as the ones he's taking and has on his site but I cannot WAIT to see how they turn out. And incidentally, I may have taken an inspirational turn, but that's another story. Remind me to tell you more on this one sometime.

Until then, I'll leave you with these.

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13 Responses
  1. Lisa Brandos Says:

    No one said motherhood was easy, but you are sure making it look that way! My eldest took to her thumb straight away and I was SO happy! She ended up breaking HERSELF from the habit by 2. And, by, the way, a LOT of people have had (and survived) having 2 under 2 and even 3 at a time. Would they be telling you the same thing if you were having twins or triplets? NO! They'd congratulate you and I do too! God gives you what He gives you. You'll have a routine and you'll get into the swing of things. There will be days you'll want to pull your hair out, sure. But ALL moms, regardless of how many kids or how old they are have days like that. So I agree.. SHUT UP! You're beautiful and you're doing beautifully!

  2. Meredith Says:

    Absolutely goregeous, momma! You SHOULD be proud of yourself...look at those two beauties you grew!
    xoxo - meredith

  3. Can't do two under two?? Whatever. Psh.

    Look at me! I'm still alive!. I've done two under two all of 3 times! My first two were less than 18mo apart! The farthest apart any of my five kids were was my 3rd and 4th who were 26mo.

    It's not that hard.

    You can do it.

    And you will do it beautifully. ;)

    Hooray for big babies! Big babies are so happy, easy going, and content. I love it. Oh, so wonderful! :)

  4. Cassandra Says:

    Hey proud mummy!
    Meredith is so right, you should absolutely be proud of yourself! Im so proud of you and so very very happy for you! Youre amazing and you have two amazing and beautiful little boys to show for it!
    And hell, sod any pathetic idiot who says you cant do it, what the hell do they know?
    Pictures speak a thousand words and they show two adorably happy little boys and a proud and glowing mum. What more does anyone need to see than that?
    Love ya :)

  5. Kelly Says:

    OH MY GOSH!! I normally read the other comments before I post one, just for fun...but I couldn't wait to say OH MY GOSH...he is seriously gorgeous!! aaaaaah!!!! So beautiful!!
    I love the first one where you're holding him right after he was born and I love the one of him all squooshed up in the face in the sink. and I looooove the one of him sucking his thumb. HOW FREAKIN CUTE!!!!

    congrats Jay. really.

    And I don't know WHO is snarking behind your back...but seriously, people have closely spaced babies allll the time. its not that impossible a task. No matter what the age space between the children there are unique challenges. You will adapt. Mom of 2 has really only begun to be challenging for me now that Miss Amanda is a spitfire and her brother is a hyper smart ass. Its just started to be really difficult but its not overwhelming. That moment may hit you sooner or later or come and go. But for cryin out loud...you'll be fine!!! Give me the names and addresses of these people and I will set them straight!!!!


  6. Kelly Says:

    I wonder if that's true about big babies being more content (churchpunkmom). explains my daughter's 6lb birth weight and tiny dynamite disposition to this day. hmmmm. damn. LOL

  7. Jen Says:

    I'm with Kelly - give us the addresses of the snarkers and we'll go round and kick ass!!!
    Can't believe how gorgeous your boys are! I'm getting all broody again... If I end up with 2 under 2 it'll be your fault!!!
    I'm so happy that you look so happy! Enjoy!
    Love you all. See you soon?

  8. Kat Says:

    I just got all teary because he is so beautiful! Making my ovaries want another one! Gah! Enjoy your two under two. It might be hard, but I know you are strong enough to handle it.

  9. Samantha Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  10. leta joy Says:

    He is darling! As for the 2 under 2 thing, having another child changes your life. It doesn't matter if they are 15 months apart or 5 years apart. Some days will be great and some won't but you'll all be just fine.

  11. Sarcastica Says:

    He is just too gorgeous! Congrats!

  12. Emma Says:

    The photos are gorgeous!

    There is only 14months between me and my sister - but mum still had two more after us so it can't have been too bad!

  13. Okay, I came over here to see the gorgeous children churchpunkmom told me about. She did not lead me astray! These are some fine specimen of babies you got here.

    And two under two - well I've done it twice - cause I'm crazy like that!