Isaac barfed down my bra. Twice. Within 3 minutes.

Isaac also managed to crap mid-nappy, piss into my hand (yes, into my cupped hand), throw up mid-piss, sneeze the barf onto my arm, then barf again. All at the same time.

I spilt an entire pint of orange and mango juice on the carpet. The cream carpet.

Whilst using Vanish to clean up said mess, I managed to spray Isaac's toys and a bib.

Because of Amalah, I spend more time playing this damn game than I do making sure I don't smell. (I also want to spend more time with this game too.)

Isaac, Noah and myself ALL have colds. We are collecting for the Facial Orifice Fluid Society.

We get through approximately 15 burpees (muslin cloths) in a day.

Isaac may well be the world's youngest bulimic.

Thanks to Triple~A, my Funyuns addiction is now reinstated.

I have (most likely) consumed my weight in chocolate since Isaac was born.

Isaac is now 3 weeks old and I still keep forgetting to let his Granddad know about him.

At one point last week I was running on approx. 6 hours sleep in 3 days. *brag*

I am one seriously proud mother.
4 Responses
  1. Consumed your weight in chocolate?? That could very well be what's causing the regurgitation.

    Don't hit me.

  2. Kelly Says:

    why aren't you sleeping? are you manic? =)
    bummer about the cold. how old was Noah when he got his first cold? Cliff was over 3 months old. Amanda got one at 6 weeks and it freaked me out (rsv and all that crap). With the 2nd, there's always more, sooner.

    good luck with all the barf etc.
    I gagged a little when I read all that. LOL


  3. must agree with churchpunkmom

    and can i say i love this:

    Facial Orifice Fluid Society

  4. Kat Says:

    Welcome to motherhood edition 2.0