You'd think, given that it's been a week since I blogged, that I'd give you some kind of update(s) right?

Well I would, but shit me, I don't even remember half the stuff from the last three hours, forget the last week.

Needless to say Isaac is still frigging awesome, even if he does have a shit ass cold, and spends most of the night snuffling like a lil piggy looking for truffles (in my bra, no less). He's doing pretty well though, having gone through the night a couple of times (yes seriously, and he's not even three weeks old and people need to stop competing about whether a baby will sleep through the night already - do you think the baby read the manual? Um, nope.) and he feeds like I'm feeding him some kind of alcohol.

Awesome start to life, right?

*am awesome mother

Noah is somehow being seriously cool and yet somehow, evil child all at the same time. Whoever said terrible twos started at two, was lying through their damn butt cheeks. Unfortunately, he's discovered the joys of throwing kick ass tantrums (like, worse than the bitch tantrums he was throwing before), but because I am his mother the THE MUTHA, I have finally mastered "the look" that stops him in his tracks. It's a nice power trip. Must remember not to over use it I guess...

Fortunately, he's FINALLY started to try to say words, albeit the most random ones like oil, teeth, bath, one, two and ah-ah-achoo (thank you Imagination Movers). Of course, anyone else listening probably wouldn't have a clue what he's saying, but since I'm his mother, I'm obviously going to declare him a genius so bite me already.

I've calmed down (a little) from all the breastfeeding uproar and have decided that in future I will indeed whip my boobs out wherever and whenever my boy needs feeding, and if I ever get back into Mothercare Birmingham, I will make a point of feeding in the middle of the store. And I'll probably make a fuss about it too. Why make Mothercare suffer, you ask? Well they should sort out their damn shitty facilities, and they should also make other customers aware of the situation, rather than leave said customers to defend their shite incompetence.

But you know, no biggie.

I will, however, thank you (once again!) for your support, it's nice to know I'm not the only person out there with a real attitude for not taking any shit. And here I was starting to think it was just me who was wondering if being bolshy was all bad...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go squirt some more milk into a bag and store it ready for my escape down to Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant in London. Yup yup yup!!
2 Responses
  1. Hell yeah. im glad you will whip them out from now on. and enjoy Gordons Restaurant have something delectable for us.

  2. Kelly Says:

    shut up! you're going to Gorgon Ramseys?! awesome!

    Hey, I would KILL to know what *THE* look is that stops my kids from doing something. neither of them have any fear of me whatsoever and let me tell you I can be very scary sometimes. So they are totally broken and fearless and its very annoying for me. So good for you!!

    I'm so glad he's sleeping well. that's awesome. and yeah, terrible 2s is such a friggin lie. right up there with "9 months". ya know?