As a mother, I am of course likely to worry about every little thing relating to my child. I worry that he has a slightly spotty forehead. Then it's fine. I worry that his fourth toenail on his left foot will go rotten from where constantly scrapes it along the floor. Then he doesn't seem at all bothered by it. I wonder if he will ever have teeth.

Er, I'm still wondering.

But there's one thing, that's plagued the back of my mind from very early on, and I've only laughed and joked about it with people. Ok he's only 7 months old, and it's probably near on impossible to diagnose anything at this age, but it worries me all the same.

From day one (day damn one), he has been incerdibly stubborn. Yeh I know, look at his mother, I hear you say (I don't deny that I'm stubborn too, it's just wierd when you meet your match in a 7 month old), but he actually seems defiant sometimes.

He's also so lively, I don't quite know how he does it. Last night he cried on and off from about 4:30 til 6am. I refused to give him his dummy, knowing full well it would still be in his cot somewhere, and the fact that I really want him to learn how to get back off to sleep by himself should he wake in the night. He then awoke properly at 7am, had milk, then breakfast at 9:30, then didn't go down for a nap til 10:30. And he was asleep 20 minutes, if that.

And he's still awake now, despite having had second milk, and thrown himself at me to go sleep. He didn't sleep, he just wriggled til it felt like he was going to break me, so I've put him in his Baby Einstein and he's still playing now. At full force.

How can this be normal? We were told our new baby would sleep shit loads in the early days, and even now would probably have one nap that could last for up to 2 hours in the day, as well as other short naps. We're lucky to get one short nap sometimes.

He's so lively, strong and active, I really feel like he's actually about to break one of my limbs, or leave me bruised to buggery. And whilst a lot of you are saying "Ahw that's so lovely, at least you can play with your baby", it's a different story when your baby is only 7 months and still doesn't understand a lot of things.

I hate sounding like a whiney mom. I would hope I'm only whiney with good reason. I know I'm lucky. But I'm worried something isn't right. I don't know what.

Or maybe I do know what but I do know but don't want to be the one to taint my beautiful baby boy.
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  1. Kelly Says:

    Hey girl! Its Kelly (kiltlifter). You and your beautiful boy are totally normal. My son is now 4 and a half. When he was a baby I consulted the damn books all the time. According to the books he should have been sleeping x# of hours during the day and certainly should have been sleeping thru the night. I tried everything. I tortured myself. He just never slept as much as other kids. Your boy is so busy learning things - crawling, eating, all sorts of physical milestones. His brain is never in the off position. Amanda is the same way right now. She's a freakin' circus when she's awake and she hardly sleeps at all and totally keeps me awake all night!! She just wants to practice her new skills all the time.

    Defiance is normal too. Must be the 08 January babies. Amanda is way more stubborn than my son was at this age. And my son it is a maniac so that is saying something. He is probably crazy smart. Certain things will get much easier as this year goes by.

    At any rate, you're all normal. Go back to worrying about the spots on his forehead or whatever. The sleep thing is elusive. And don't listen TOO Much to everyone's input. follow YOUR instincts and do what works for you. Throw away the books. trust me. =)

    email me soon DAMNIT.