I have it!! I have the answer!! Weight loss! OMG IT'S SOOOOO EASY!!!!

Exercise? Nope. Dieting? Hell nope.

Pregnancy. Ohhhhhh yes. Seriously. I've lost 8 punds in two weeks. And I'd honestly like to say how proud I am, but I know I can't because quite frankly, all I want to do is share my minimal stomach contents with the nearest bucket.


Oh yeah, uh:

Due Date: 04/21/2009
Week: 9+1 day
Month: 3
Trimester: 1
Fetus Age: 7 weeks
Time to Go: 215 days

Noah is making me suffer, it's H-I LARI O-U-S. He loves to play "How fast can I try to run across the room, my head aiming for that rather sharp pointy corner of the table and will my mother be able to catch me?" I LOVE this game, especially when I move waaaaaay too slow and he ends up gumming the floor while I desperately debate attaching wheels to my ass.

Soooooo much fun. Seriously!

He's doing so well though. He's gotten so cocky with his walking/running/moving quickly on his feet, and it's just so crazy to watch. I often have to remind myself he's only 8½ months, not 12 - 18 months. He's already launched himself out of his cot; I put him down for a nap and went to the bedroom. There was some rustling, a gentle thud, then some more rustling.

I walked in to find him sitting on the floor. For about 10 seconds we just looked at each other, both of us open mouthed; I debated whether to scream and panic or just calmly put him back in (or even ask him how the hell he got to the floor, unharmed). He sat there, said "EH" loudly, then went back to fiddling with the bag.


D and I have taken to the doppler already. I know, I know, it's too early, yaddah yaddah, it's like, the size of a pea or whatever (actually, it's about the size of a raspberry), you'll never find it. But I remembered we found Noah's heartbeat at 9ish weeks, and the curiosity is driving me crazy. And of course, we haven't found it yet.

But just watch! Maybe around 28, 29ish weeks, I'll report that we finally found it. Or maybe we'll find it sooner than expected, because I'll just be skin and bones. Awesome!! In fact maybe I could be a Celeb Mom, and have lost all the poundage before Mocha II is even born. But probably not because I discovered the only things I CAN eat are Jaffa cakes, and egg mayo and Branston Pickle sandwiches. Absolutely no butter, because that's just gross.
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