Because you know, I post so often, there's just too much info for you...errrrrrr yes hi.

Due Date: 01/03/2008
Week: 15+0 days
Month: 4
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 13 weeks
Fetal Heartbeat: 140 bpm
Fetal Size: 10.8 - 11.6 cm
Time to Go: 174 days

Crutches do NOT slow me down, no siree bob. Yes, I'm actually faster on them, it's hilarious. DH and I went to Taste of Birmingham on Saturday, and I used the crutches from physio. It was great. Of course my hands were screwing at the end of the day, my arms were shattered and I was ready to collapse, but MAN it was so nice to be able to move around. Hehehe. And faster than on Heelys too. Ooooooohhhhh yes.

The Situation continues to drag along; Union contacted them and said 'Er hello? Risk Assessment?' and work said 'Oh yeh yeh...here ya go, take this generic one to keep you ticking over. If you're lucky, we may even arrange a meeting to make it a personal one. But that's if we pull our finger out.'


Spoken to JT about it some more, he's gonna draft me some legal looking stuff. Annoyingly, I'm still trying to decide if those involved in The Situation are genuinely being THAT stupid, or if they're trying to shaft me. If they're trying to shaft me, then I think I'd like to see considerable mess hitting some sort of fan, because I just want this whole thing resolved now. Wonder if I'm the only one.

I have some more pupils! I'm hoping I can hang on to them til maternity leave, and then hopefully my Old Friend will leave me the heck alone.

Ah yes. My Good Friend. Put in a guest appearance this week, and scared the living bejesus out of me. I didn't hit rock bottom, but I know I was close. That whole 'shall I breathe? Can I be bothered? Can I lift my head up to even acknowledge the question DH just asked? Do I even know the answer? Am I dead yet? Can I be?'

The most frightening (and perhaps sobering thought) was that classic guilt that I didn't want to upset people...not about my own demise, but about Mocha. When I realised I hadn't had any proper food for nearly three days and had slept on the sofa because I had no desire to go and sleep in a proper bed, I suddenly wondered what I was doing to her. I felt really bad. Strangely not as bad as I should have done, but I think part of that is because I don't believe in her yet. I wish I would, and pretty soon, it would help an awful lot.

It also doesn't help with the unecessary duration of The Situation, and I'm convinced that's one of the main reasons why I'm having trouble. Would be nice to know I don't have people spying on my every move (is that even allowed??)

On a completely non-related subject, with the support and advice of TT, I have decided that yes I CAN feel Mocha move. It's quite bizarre, like I'm being gently nudged from the inside! I'd love to say it's awesome, but I'm still struggling to believe it. I keep saying 'when it gets stronger, then yeh for sure blah blah', and so yeh, it got stronger and I'm still like 'blah blah'. I'll be convinced one day! Like maybe when she's ripping her way out of me.

I rediscovered facebook again the other week...it's so good to find ways to stay in touch with the world.