Due Date: 01/03/2008
Week: 13+4 days
Month: 4
Trimester: 2
Fetus Age: 12 weeks
Fetal Heartbeat: 143 bpm
Fetal Size: 7.6 - 8.9 cm
Time to Go: 184 days

Soooo...is it gas? Or....is it...um...my bowels? Or perhaps...my oversized, overfilled bladder? Cos I know for sure at 13 weeks on a 1st pregnancy I can't be feeling Mocah move. I mean, ok she's around 3½inches, but holy crap! Feeling her move? Christ on a cracker. If it is her then that's awesome. If it's not, then I have some serious gas, which I could wholly believe because things haven't been uh, 'quiet' for a while.

Mum had a go with the doppler last week. I think she quite enjoyed it and was impressed with ours. She said it was actually better than the ones they use at the hospital, mainly because ours is waterproof and theirs isn't.


DH and I had a laugh the last two mornings; Mocha seems to making her pronounced announcement to the world. Usually first thing in the morning when I'm lying on my back with a full bladder. As a result this makes my abdomen look like the Peak District. My belly disappears between ribs and button, then there's this almighty bump and I can't see my pants. Yesterday it was perfectly central. This morning it undulated perfectly upwards on the left. I had to laugh...and of course, poke and prod.

And on Saturday, we went out for a meal with Jim and Tara, Tara currently being 31 weeks pregnant. And my god was she a breath of fresh air. It was so nice to talk to someone who was actually keen to talk shop, and wasn't overly neurotic! (I can cope with neuroticism as long as it's Within. Reason.) And in all fairness, she described her first feelings of movement and they're exactly the same as what I'm getting. I still think it's gas though (Oh the Cynicism!). And of course Jim was able to offer STACKS of advice on The Situation, and from what I described, actually thinks I might be being shafted. All being well I should hear something back from the Union this week.

Slightly satisfied grin.

DH had words with MIL last week. I couldn't help but smile...my hero hehe. Whether it makes a difference I don't know; he thinks she didn't believe him, but I've decided if she starts up again I'm just gonna be honest. This is the fucked up upbringing I had with my family! We don't speak to each other! Unless we want to! Or need to! And certainly not more than x times a month! (Depending on family member) Remember! Have not spoken to father for 6 years! Brother still not responded to pregnancy announcement 3 weeks ago! I phone mother to harrass her! My OWN mother!!!!

Oh the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!

But I don't think she understands all that, including the exclamation marks, so I think it's time it came direct. But that's ok, I'm pretty strong these days.

Think I might do some more shopping on Amazon.