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Due Date: 01/10/2008
Week: 6+3 days
Month: 2
Trimester: 1
Fetus Age: 4 weeks

I bought maternity clothes yesterday! From a shop in the MAILBOX no less! (http://www.mailboxlife.com) I bought 6 items and they came to £500 LMAO. DH's treat. He's a star sometimes :) So I bought a pair of jeans, some khaki green linen trousers and a pair of black concert trousers, all with a panel in the front. Also bought 3 t-shirts (white, green and a lime and white striped) as well as a light checked parka. They are sooooo cool and amazingly comfy. Not sure as to when I can start wearing them yet though, I know I can't do sundays cos that's gonna mean belly hanging out for all it's worth, and it's more than likely that bloodhound Jeph would guess pg withouth batting an eyelid...

Still really looking forward to Midwife on Tuesday, even though I know she'll barely do anything...still I guess it's nice to be seeing an 'official' member of a pregnancy team, it's that suggestion of the ball actually moving, rather than just sitting there starin at me, trying to look all interesting. I know what I mean.

Still feels like an eternity til the U/S though, but I still can't wait. Still been feeling utterly dire, and thinking more and more about work. I guess I've taken to enjoying having a life again, and I much prefer having my own students. I'm wondering if I can stick it out until the summer but I'm not even sure about that..I want to because at least then I could get paid over the summer, and most students won't be having lessons because of exams and things. But the words of Chris and Helen keep ringing in my ears...

I thought if I could perhaps last til the summer, then go on maternity leave in Sept, and spend the earlier part of maternity leave establishing my students. At least that gives me a bit of time. I don't want to take any more time off, especially if it's going to affect future work, but at the end of the day if I can't drive, I can't drive.

Ooooooo I forgot to mention, DH bought a doppler over the weekend! Obviously it's too early to use it yet, but it's arrived anyway and we can't wait to try it out. It says, according to the 3mhz probe, that we should be able to hear the heartbeat by around 8 weeks (2 weeks to go!!) so that should be fun trying to find! Lots of women on FF have said that they didn't want the extra stress if they couldn't find the hb, which I can understand, but I guess you just have to be as realistic as possible and understand that you may not always be able to find it becauseo of how the baby might be lying. And again, as I've said so many times before, if something goes wrong chances are there's nothing you can do about it. ALSO, it'll get to a point where I won't need to hear hb because it'll probably be kicking the crap out of me... :o)

I think I'll wear my baggy jeans and a loose vest today...I don't know what else fits....!