Mon, May 14, 2007

Due Date: 01/10/2008
Week: 5+4 days
Month: 2
Trimester: 1
Foetus Age: 4 weeks

So here I am, 5w4d pg and despite feeling utterly dire, I'm actually starting to enjoy it. There's loads to catch up on since this is first proper blog, but here goes.
Had BFP on 27th April at only 10dpo, so book appt with doc. Ended up seeing Some guy called Dr Collins who turned out to be the biggest idiot ever for all number of reasons, telling me I wasn't healthy before he even checked me, saying I couldn't possibly have BFP cos it was too soon, and then tried to tell me I should be taking 5000mcg of folic acid. Er yes hi!! Went back a few days later and saw Dr McDonald - same Dr I saw with 1st pg and she was LOVELY, we basically did the appointment as it should have been...
Unfortunately, it's left me with some unpleasant side effects - I'm having horrendous dizzy spells which make me terrified to drive around all day, and the constipation is now diarrhoea. Bit concerned with how this is affecting work; I did a self cert last week and now I'm back to the docs today to get a sick note. I don't want to take that kind of risk! I'd rather be sat in the office all day than be out on the road (and that's saying something....)
Ok gotta go to docs now - will update more when I get back
Ok so I've gotten a doctors note for a week to see if the dizziness thing eases up and also gives me time to discuss things with Chris. I would prefer part time; less stress, less time on the road, more 'me' time to do the things I need/want to do...I guess the truth is I love my job but all the crap that goes with it is just too much at the moment.
More good news though - had Initial Booking Visit appointment from the midwives today, it's scheduled for 22/05/07, 11.30 at home, and Dave can be here too! They probably won't do much, just a bit of a physical exam, history check and discuss my 'needs' I would expect, but stil, it's nice to feel like things are 'moving'.
Also got 1st date for U/S: 11th June at 9.00 which feels like an eternity away to see lil Mocha, but at least it'll be worthwhile stuff to see rather than it being too early and stuff. I have a ticker on fertility friend counting down the days; I thought it would drive me nuts but amazingly it's helping.
I'm feeling a desperate urge to enjoy this pg as much as possible; DH and I went to the Baby Show at the NEC on Saturday and it was AWESOME We bought a nappy bin thingy (kinda like a Diaper Genie I guess?) and it's so cool, it's our first 'baby' purchase. Dave bought me a bump band which I can use to cover my unbuttoned trousers and it just looks like I have a long black t-shirt on under my clothes; can't wait to try it out, especially with all this bloating going on - I'm HUGE!!

And before I forget, baby has been nicknamed Mocha cos of the colour she may be when she's born. DH asked last night in bed whether she should be Mocha Latte or Mocha Noir