Due Date: 01/10/2008
Week: 6+5 days
Month: 2
Trimester: 1
Fetus Age: 5 weeks

Time to go
Due date: 232 days
2nd Trimester: 36 days
First UltraScan: 19 days

Ahh midwife visit today, was really good and informative. Hannnah is really nice and friendly and really easy to get on with which obviously makes it all easier. We went through all my green notes, talked about how Dr Collins is an absolute ******* (choose your own word), future options, tests, the hospital...I was amazed at how much we covered!

DH seemed happy too, sat through as much as he could before having to dash off to work, and asked a few questions of his own. I liked that.

Not felt quite so bad today, little bit queazy, minor headache rather than the usual and dizzy spells less frequent. Had a bit of achy cramping though, but as it could be anything, I'm putting it down to another symptom.

I think I'm gonna go and be anal and study my green notes :o)