You know how you bust your ass doing something and then something else happens and then you wondered why you bothered with something but you're going to keep going on with something because seriously, some things just cannot happen yet and what the hell?

Yesterday, Isaac tried his first solids. He had two tiny spoons of baby food. Not even baby rice, or you know, water, milky crap runny stuff that tastes of fuck all, no no. Proper. Baby. Food. SOme sort of chicken and peach and another random vegetable. And he liked it. The boy who has had nothing other than boob juice in it's various hint-of-whatever-mom-just-ate forms.

And then today? This happened.

He ate HALF A JAR of food. Oh wait, did I say "ate"? I meant DEVOURED.

This of course comes JUST after my boobs are pretty much fully recovered, I'm halfway to restocking the freezer (57fl.oz so far since last weekend) and I was still trying to grasp the idea that WAAHHHHH THIS IS MAH BAYYYYYBEEEEEEEEEE.

I expressed this in one sitting this morning.

He still has boob juice every 2 - 3 hours (god forbid I should try to push more than three hours). And he's had the solids in the evenings before his last feed. D and I thought "hah! Hahaha! This'll be a laugh, right? He'll barely eat any, he'll struggle with the spoon."

Nope, nope, any spillage was my own fault (missed his mouth), he easily (and forcefully) guided my spoon-wielding hand towards his mouth with minimal effort, and he ate the food off it like a pro. Or like someone who was quite prepared to eat "real food".

Think I might take him to Pizza Hut next week.
5 Responses
  1. I think its great he is interested and eating. I wish I had had more babies like that! And you rock! Look at all that breastmilk you pumped!

  2. Kelly Says:

    LOL!! I love it when they start eating food!!
    and dude...check out the volume on the milk! damn!!
    you can still give it to him, so fret not. food doesn't mean he'll go off boob juice. =)

    pizza hut. rock on.

  3. Jen Says:

    Glad your boobs are recovering and that Isaac has taken to food so well.
    Think you'd better leave pizza hut til he has at least 1 tooth to help him...
    Is Noah eating any better?

  4. Jackie Says:

    Holy hell 9 oz??????????????????????? The most I ever got was 4! Great job!

    My little man started eating solids this week too =0(

  5. Meredith Says:

    It would take me a week to pump that much...I'm incredibly impressed! Congrats on the good eater!!