Lately I've had a bit of fun with some guest blogging, the first being a breastfeeding post over at Blacktating, and I just can't turn down the opportunity to share in someone else's blog, especially when theirs is such a good read!

So a few days ago I had a twitter message from the ever lovely Mary Ruth saying she would like to ask me some questions on dealing with boys vs. girls, and how it affects me as a parent. The questions are GREAT and totally made me smile; I thoroughly enjoyed answering them.

Mary Ruth is an awesome young mum; she lives in Virginia USA and has an adorable little girl, Sidney, who is just a few months older than Noah. She's soon to be married, loves cheesecake, and I'm quietly hoping she's going to Blogher10 so I can meet her next year. I may squeal. Quite a lot.

Please go and have a read of our answers over at her blog, you won't be disappointed, and check out the rest of her blog too! She's got some fab stuff over there.
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