And I mean the bigger of the two, because he seems to have disappeared somewhere, and some twisted fucker has replaced him with a toddler who knows (and does) far too much already.

The baby gate has been moved from the stairs to the door on his room. Mainly because of this.

Yep, he's fast asleep. On the floor. At the top of the stairs.

We figured this wasn't very healthy, and also decided he probably shouldn't have free unsupervised access to the plug socket in the wall, just above his head. Yeah.

What's even funnier is that we're now looking at a taller gate as he can almost propel (and I DO mean propel) himself over the gates at the moment. He gets about halfway then stops, perhaps because he realises he may smash his head on the floor at any time. Or, because he hasn't figured out how to flip over the top of the gate. Yet.

His tantrums are still coming thick and fast; he's like a volcano on the verge of repeat eruption, and there's just no telling when it's coming. My favourites would have to be the ones where he screams, kicks anything near him and tries to throw his favourite tricycle over the baby gate. So we're thinking maybe he's a teeny tiny bit frustrated?

And just to make things absolutely perfect, the Kiddo is popping 6 teeth. All at the same time. Yes, six. Four canine teeth, two molars. The inside of his mouth looks like he's been chewing a wasp, and his eating is sometimes impossible. And sometimes fantastic.

Because in this family, we obviously don't do things by halves.
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  1. Samantha Says:

    Seriously, I love messy baby pictures.... makes me feel like I'm there during dinner time too! ;)

    And poor kiddo - our Noah was cutting five at once and it was brutal. Hugs to him and you!!