Yes yes, he moves. A lot.

A WHOLE lot.

It's not quite crawling, though because I'm his mother, I'm allowed to say it is. Though I guess really, it's more like Commando style shuffling/lurching on limbs/rolling forwards-sideways kinda movement.

It's really impressive!

Well at the end of the day, he moves forwards, on his front, frantically moving his arms and legs; think "fish with arms and legs trying to go forwards on dry land".

Yeh, that's easy enough.

It's pretty cool, though oddly unsettling; neither D or I can turn our backs now, not even for three seconds, since he seems to be getting incredibly quick at it! It's so good that he does it now, though, I guess it's a step towards his independence that he so desperately wants.

N: (Son of a bitch, I'm gonna reach that mug of scalding burning tea if it kills me)

J: Son, please don't reach for the mug of scalding burning tea, it will kill you.

N: (So as soon as she turns around I'm obviously going to throw myself forwards, repeatedly, as fast as possible. That forbidden object will be mine. Mine, I tell you!!)

J: Shit!!

N: (Dammit!!)

I spend many mornings lying down on the bed or floor...not relaxing, no, no. Looking to move everything that isn't nailed down out of his reach. I wouldn't mind but when your kid (5½ month old kid at that) is able to throw pillows across the room, well, you'll take no chances.

Now if you'll excuse me, having met up with some of the Yummy Mummys today, I'm going to go play on the Wii to see if I can lose around 40 frillion pounds to look as good as the rest of them.