This is why I have barely posted:

He sits. I have to make sure he doesn't smash his head on the floor.

He self feeds. I have to make sure he doesn't choke.

He rolls around in his cot. I have to make sure he doesn't get stuck.

He pulls himself to kneeling. I have to hide everything.

And there's more.

He eats anything he can lay his hands on.

He crawls at full steam, fully co-ordinated. Everywhere.

And he pulls himself up to standing.

With the help of anything he can get near to.

I am currently in touch with world leading scientists to see if I can get eyes implanted in the back of my head.

And as if that wasn't enough, I actually seem to have run out of milk, as of last week. He's on... The F Word, and still fighting the dairy intolerance battle. I think I'm ok with it all, the fact that my body finally gave up trying to feed a 22lbs baby (yes, 22lbs people. He's an adult.), I'm happy that I hit my final 6 months target. In fact I managed to get three weeks past 6 months which makes me even happier. I had set the next provisional goal at 7 months, but already knew it to be unlikely. In fact, I may have just realised how my poor body may have just crumpled to nothing if I had tried to continue feeding this large baby/small boy/medium sized adult...

As for his movements (and for once, not the bowel variety), I struggle to keep up now. There are baby gates in the house, cd's and DVD's have been moved out of the lounge, in his cot we often find him standing up casually holding onto the rail with one hand whilst swatting Tigger with the other. Downstairs, he's a fan of the game 'Lets Pull Up To The Table And Swish Everything Off It Or Smack It Real Hard To See If It Will Break'. It's a great game, I love it, makes me really happy, especially when it involves smashing a remote control onto my phone, or trying to push the laptop on the floor. Fun! Fun I say!!

He started coasting yesterday too, and today decided he would like to try and move from the sofa to the table. Yes there's a gap, and he hasn't quite worked out that he needs to remain standing in transition. Aren't they supposed to learn this stuff when they're like, 3 years? Or something? I could have sworn I still had several months to go before enduring this...

Still it's great fun. But not when you've put him down for a nap 10 minutes ago in his travel cot, and you can still see his head bobbing up over the side....