Week: 36+6 days
Month: 9
Trimester: 3
Fetus Age: 35 weeks
Fetal Heartbeat: Ummm...
Size: Long
Time to go: 22 days
Full Term: 1 day
Days til xmas: 13 days (heh)


And finally...

And while we're on the subject of finally frigging finished;

New and (drastically) improved:

Fabulous. So so very fabulous.

And also:

This was a LOT of fun, but now I just need to decide how to paint it...we're thinking of hanging it on one of the walls in the nursery (as a pleasant reminder...) so I guess I'll go for the same neutral colours. I also need to clean the bathroom. Again.

I'm still intrigued by the regularity of these BH, they're there pretty much one on top of the other a lot of the time now. They still don't hurt, and the only real pain is my ass-bone which I think Mocha is using as a crude pillow, and the odd backache and lower abdomen ache. None of which is anything to write home about. Whatever. As long as nothing happens before tomorrow then I don't care.

Having a fabulous time with indigestion these days - I particularly love the whole thing about 'following through' on a belch, coughing on that teeny bit of barf in my mouth, then hoping and praying to DEAR GOD that I wouldn't actually spew. And especially when you're already sat on the loo having a wee and wondering whether you could cleanly projectile vomit as far as the sink.

Because that's just hassle I can do without. Thankfully I discovered sleeping bent at a 45 degree angle in bed, along with the worlds largest pillow seems to help immensely, despite not appearing to be very comfortable. Seriously? When sleep escapes you? You take any damn position you can get.

D and I went to see The Nutcracker at the Hippodrome last night - OMG it was awesome. Scenery, dancing, costumes - it was all amazing!! I think Mocha enjoyed it too, and was particularly fidgety during Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy...damn that foot attacking my right hand side (future ballet dancer?). I have to say it made a nice treat for me, knowing that it was going to be a while until I'd get to do something like that again. Certainly not before Mocha's born anyway. Gotta say, LA is a legend for organizing those tickets as a prize at the CEE ball. BRILLIANT!!

The Carpal Tunnel thing is a little scary now. I can't bend my fingers at all in the mornings, and my hands are pretty much useless throughout the whole day. Then it'll get to about 9, maybe 10 o clock PM when I can start to move them. Then I fall asleep. And we're back to square one! I've ordered some wrist splints to try out over night in the hope that they're not so crap in the mornings, because it's getting quite frustrating asking D to open bottles and jars for me all the time. And needless to say, typing is becoming interesting. Apparently my feet are a little swollen too, but I haven't seem them in a while so couldn't comment.

I don't need to say much about the next pic, apart from many thanks to Darren and Anthony at Your Big Day Photography